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Partnering with one another, our invested community can address the digital divide. If we pool contributions of $10 or more, we can provide internet access for students and families in need.

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Inspring Passions and Changing Lives

Renton Schools Foundation

One Community, One District, Stronger Together!


Dear Renton Student Champions,

When the pandemic hit last spring, our School Superintendent, Dr. Damien Pattenaude, acted immediately.  Teachers and staff quickly helped students transition from classroom instruction to online learning at home. With your help, every elementary student gained access to a digital library and older students received other tools for home learning.  Thank you.

This pandemic persists and online instruction continues. Our students without internet connectivity are at a huge disadvantage. With limited access to guidance or information from school, these students are likely to fall behind in their studies.  They may become at risk for dropping out of school, while others may suffer debilitating depression and related health issues from the added stress of increased isolation. 

State legislation requiring state agencies to provide all households with broadband internet will not be fully realized until 2024 and does not address the biggest obstacle for many families, the cost of internet subscription fees.  Our students cannot wait.

Partnering with one another, our invested community can help tackle this digital divide.  We are asking that each of us contributes just $10.00 to address this disparity in educational access. If even a portion of the more than 125,000 households connected to our school district gives $10.00, we can readily raise $120,000 to help a great many students/families cover internet subscription fees. 

We believe schools are the heart of our community.  Every member of our community has a stake in    the health of our schools.  Our workforce, our civic leaders, our service clubs are all dependent upon graduates who have benefitted from unrestricted access to leaning opportunities that prepare them to be engaged citizens in our local community and our greater global society.  

Renton Schools Foundation is committed to assuring all students have the tools they need to succeed.   The health of our Renton community is dependent upon our schools’ ability to reach all students.

My hope is you will partner with the Renton Schools Foundation, click on the donate button to add your $10.00 today.


RSF Foundation Team

$10.00 for one Community, one District, all students.  Stronger together!  We can do this.