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 Risdon Music Fund

Please donate toward the purchase of instruments for Risdon Middle School  Instruments = Choices for Students

We invite you to join Friends of Renton Schools and Vera Risdon to enhance instrument choices for students!

Vera's Story 

An Eastern Washington native, Risdon began her career in Renton as a sixth-grade teacher in 1966 straight out of Washington State University. Before her final retirement, she had been an educator in the Renton School District for nearly 50 years, including positions as teacher and principal at Hazelwood Elementary School, the site where the new middle school is being built in Newcastle.

Risdon taught at five different schools and served as principal of Highlands and Hazelwood Elementary Schools. In 1992 she began work as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology and finished as Interim Superintendent in 2013. Risdon was instrumental in creating innovative programs and collaborative processes to ensure all children are given rich opportunities for a meaningful education.  

Vera has also continued to engage her passion for music. Recently while speaking with students at McKnight Middle School, Vera told them she chose to play oboe because one was available at her junior high, and it was small enough so she could also carry her violin (her mother’s requirement).  Playing oboe has been very important in her life, and would not have happened if that oboe had not been sitting on the shelf, waiting for her, since purchase of another instrument was not in the family budget.  Vera told students she continues to love playing and is still learning, taking oboe lessons to this very day.

"With the opening of Risdon Middle School it is important to recognize that you don't ever move into a new school with 100% of your desired furnishings. This led Friends of Renton Schools to think about how to enhance options at RMS.  AND when Friends of Renton Schools learned of Vera's deep passion for music, it was a natural choice to connect Vera, the name-sake of the school, with benefiting these students musically. "That's why this partnership with Ms. Risdon is so special!" - Pam Teal, Friends of Renton Schools

Sponsorship & Donation Benefits

Festival Circle
$3,000 & above - (ex. Piano & Bassoon)
Director Circle

$1,000 & above - (ex. Tuba & Oboe)

Cadenza Circle

$500 & above - (ex. Cello & Trumpet)

Bravo Circle

Donations up to $499 - (ex. Snare Drum & Viola)


How much do instruments cost?

Below is a list of instrument needs for Risdon Middle School.  Instruments can range in price from $150 for a snare drum to $10,000 for just one Bassoon. 

Your donations can help to buy: