Inspiring Passions and Changing Lives

About Us


Our mission is to provide supplemental funding to support the Renton School District so that EVERY STUDENT in EVERY SCHOOL has an opportunity to achieve an exceptional education.


To develop an enduring, sustainable funding resource that bridges the gap between federal and state funding and what it REALLY costs for our students to obtain an exceptional, world-class education.


The current focus of Friends of Renton Schools is to:

Cultivate Partnerships by...

Collaborating with RSD administration, teachers, and principals; PTSA and parents; businesses; civic leaders; higher education institutions; professional education organizations; and other area education service organizations.


Prioritizing the most urgent needs to invest in proven district-wide initiatives and ensuring that funds are spent equitably throughout the district.

Inspire our Community to Invest in Education by...

Increasing public awareness about the funding challenges facing our schools and students by communicating the short and long-term benefits of having a thriving school district that produces educated, engaged, and productive citizens.

Enlist Broad Corporate Investment by...

Seeking investment from local, state, and national and international companies committed to education.

Annual Report

The first three years of our funding were primarily spent bridging the gap during the most difficult economic time our region has seen. Funds were directed towards, mathematic and reading support; credit retrieval and helping our struggling students successfully transition into middle and high school. See where our dollars have gone the first 3 years by viewing our 2012 Annual Report.


Fund Stewardship

Renton Community Foundation Partnership

We are a Fiscal Sponsorship Fund under the umbrella of the Renton Community Foundation (RCF), a charitable not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. RCF is comprised of groups of charitable funds established by individual donors and local non-profit organizations, benefiting a variety of causes, including healthcare, the arts, education, youth and families, even senior emergency pet care. Today, RCF serves the greater Renton area and beyond with almost $7 million and over 40 individual funds. Partnering with RCF allowed us to get up and running quickly using their 501(c)(3). RCF provides us with expertise in financial management and fundraising guidance. RCF is ultimately liable for the Friends of Renton Schools fund and the actions of the fund's Committee members, RCF reviews all fundraising proposals and disbursements to the Renton School District to ensure that their legal and fiduciary responsibilities as a 501(c)(3) are met.

All funds donated to Friends of Renton Schools are held in accounts with the Renton Community Foundation. RCF invests in an ever-increasing pool of assets in a way that will maximize return while moderating risk. An investment committee made up of Foundation trustees and community leaders guides the Foundation's investment strategies, making recommendations to the board on policy, strategy and management. RCF purposely invests in a balanced portfolio (60% equity, 35% fixed income & 5% cash), giving their funds some insulation from market fluctuation. Investments are made by professional money managers (currently the U S Bank Private Client Reserve) to ensure superior performance and adequate diversification.

For more information about the Renton Community Foundation, go to